Is Ayurveda Effective For Pain Management

Ayurveda Pain Management Dubai
Pain, how minute or unbearable it might be, can still create havoc in our daily life. Most of the time, pain is a sign of an underlying condition or physical harm. Pain is defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience connected to existing or potential tissue damage by the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP).  The word “pain” has many different meanings. As the pain level increases, it may seem like a jab or a stabbing, intolerable pain. It may be an aching, a hurting or throbbing sensation, soreness, a stinging sensation, tenderness, twinge, or a pinching sense. The person experiencing the pain is the best qualified to pinpoint, explain, or detail the intensity, the cause, and the type and amount of discomfort. Generally, pain is classified into three types:
  •         Acute
  •         Chronic
  •         Cancer pain
Ayurveda has one of the best Pain Management solutions. The ideal pain management practices using Ayurveda have been developed by Oasis Care Ayurveda, one of the top institutes for Ayurveda Pain Management in Dubai. To provide our patients with a holistic approach to pain management, we mix traditional Ayurvedic treatments with adjuvant therapies like trigger point release and marma therapy. According to Ayurveda, pain is associated with the imbalance of air factors Ayurveda identifies the accumulation of toxins in the body and activation of nerve response as the two major pathologies involved in pain.

How Ayurveda helps in Pain Management

Ayurveda – Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old holistic form of medicine that originated in India. According to Ayurvedic belief, the balance of mind, body and spirit has an impact on the overall wellness and health of a person. Every person has five elements that Ayurvedic practitioners focus on to treat illness. These five elements are fire, water, earth, air and space, and combined together they form the three doshas. The three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) are part of every person, but the energy combination of these doshas will be different for everyone. Ayurveda believes that by regulating the energy level of these doshas, a person can maintain good health. And that’s what we practice at our Ayurvedic Treatment Center, Oasis Care Ayurveda We ensure that our Ayurvedic Pain Management treatments take a holistic approach and include dietary and fitness adjustments in addition to medications and other therapies. We only utilise natural products, therefore there won’t be any negative side effects. The nonsurgical Ayurvedic pain management treatments include massage, Basti, Kizhi, and Pizhichil. We specialise in treatments for:
  •         Neck pain
  •         Headache
  •         Back pain
  •         Shoulder pain
  •         Elbow pain / Tennis elbow
  •         Carpal tunnel syndrome
  •         Sacroiliitis
  •         Hip pain
  •         Sciatica
  •         Knee pain
  •         Plantar fascitis
  •         Fibromyalgia
  •         Various muscular spasms and pain
 A thorough and hassle-free consultation is provided by our Doctors. 
This process will enable us to identify the source of the pain and the best course of treatment.
Our practitioner will choose the best course of treatment, including the suitable herbs and the number of sessions, based on your medical situation.
For better outcomes and/or prevention, Ayurvedic detox therapy may occasionally be suggested.
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