Are You Aware that Ayurveda Deals with Sports Medicine too?

Ayurvedic Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a branch of medical specialty that deals with physical fitness and the management of injuries related to sports and exercise. We know that almost all sports teams across the world will have a team of doctors to monitor the physical fitness of the sports team and extend immediate treatment for injuries. Muscle cramps, sprains, shin splints, and fractures are common sports injuries. The branch of sports medicine was inducted into healthcare service as a dedicated department, some decades ago. Medical professionals as well as allied medical practitioners work in this field. Sports medicine is also reckoned as a sub-specialty of medical research disciplines. Ayurveda has a stake in the sports medicine arena and it is growing the world over. 


As Ayurveda plays a role in preventive and curative aspects of healthcare, it is best accessed by sports persons. Oasis Ayurveda, a renowned Ayurvedic Treatment Centre in Dubai Karama has been extending result-oriented treatment for sports injuries. Studies revealed that Ayurveda could revolutionize the branch of Sports Medicine to attain a prominent position in the healthcare domain.

Can Ayurveda Cure Sports Injuries?

 Ayurveda is considered a comprehensive system of medicine that can manage injuries with a holistic approach. Proprioception and early mobilization are viewed as advantages of Ayurveda therapy which play a vital role in the rehabilitation process. Ayurvedic Physicians also prescribe Panchakarma for Sports persons, as it helps in the rehabilitation process of the injured person. In general, Athletes follow the therapies, Swedana, Snehana, Basti, Shirodhara, Marma, and Nasya which will improve their overall well-being.


  • Oasis Ayurveda, the popular healthcare destination providing Ayurveda Medicine in Dubai is specialized in Muscular Rejuvenation,  all types of neck injuries,  injuries on the Arm, Elbow, Thumb and wrist, Shoulder injuries, Back, Thigh, Hip & Knee injuries, Ankle & Foot Injuries and Calf & Shin injuries.


 Undergoing Ayurveda treatment for sports-related injuries will help you relieve pain. Moreover, it will enhance body function, strengthen the joints and reduce disability. It would make one feel rejuvenated.

Overall, Ayurveda acts as a catalyst in regaining the vitality of the body and mind. 


Why Oasis Ayurveda?

 Oasis Ayurveda is always at the forefront to offer the best available healthcare solutions with individual attention. Our dedicated panel of doctors in the Ayurvedic Sports Medicine department helps you to attain quick relief from the injury and bounce back to your normal life. 

  • Expert Physicians who have a proven track record in treating sports injuries.
  • Personalized care and treatment, understanding individual needs
  • Well experienced therapists 
  • Quality medicines to support a speedy recovery
  • Daily Review of the progress of the treatment
  • Cosy ambiance
  • Well behaved staff

If you are on the lookout for a genuine Ayurveda healthcare service provider in Dubai, you can zero in on Oasis Ayurveda. Thousands of satisfied customers stand testimony to our services.  Pay a visit to our center and consult our Specialist.  

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